let's get to know each other.

Hi, I'm Nela. Friend. Photographer. Adventurer.

For the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of meeting the most remarkable personalities all around the globe and connecting with them through my insatiable curiosity and passion for photography. Always striving for growth, searching for something bigger, something more meaningful, my life and work have been driven by my positive attitude, appreciation and getting the most out of each moment.

"Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold onto which is why I strive to click with people in the same vein as the shutter. I capture moments that endure, striking a balance between fine art editorial aesthetics and authentic storytelling."

Nela’s personal story in photography traces all the way back to her childhood in Europe where she was given a camera by her parents at an early age. Initially her work focused on commercial photography, in particular fashion and lifestyle. As her career evolved, models she worked with commercially began entrusting her with their weddings, unveiling a spontaneous, connection-driven side of photography that truly resonated with her. 

Over 150 weddings and  55 countries (and counting), her insatiable wanderlust and passion for capturing fleeting moments remain as strong as ever. This journey has led her to realize her dream of a bicoastal life, splitting her time between the busting energy of New York and the serene beauty of California. 

Nela's photography journey began against the vibrant backdrop of New York City in 2015. Prior to that, she had built a successful career in commercial, fashion, and event photography across Europe. Her first venture into wedding photography outside her native Germany took her to a breathtaking estate nestled in the hills of Barcelona, Spain. This experience ignited a passion for capturing universal joy, leading Nela to adopt a global perspective in her photography. Since then, her lens has witnessed celebrations of love across the world, from the Caribbean to Egypt, Italy, France, and throughout the US.

Known for her approachable warmth and professional demeanor, Nela ensures couples feel at ease, regardless of their comfort level in front of the camera. Her unwavering commitment to capturing details and weaving couples’ stories into stunning and timeless photographs has earned her acclaim on an international scale. Since founding her business in 2011, Nela’s distinctive talent and signature style have endured the test of time, with her work published by Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, among others.